e martë, 12 shkurt 2008

and did you even notice


I can't really say why I haven't posted in 3 months ... (too tied to flicker - that ole' work thing - doldrums - the point of being mentally overtaxed, etc. etc.) but I won't apologize. It isn't that exciting profound things aren't afoot in the life of testface, but we all slide a bit. Have had some great shows with Patrick, squids, t-face, trac op, fast computers, etc. but can't quite seem to shake off the intensity of the daily grind. Burning away the hours staring into life at 1280 x 854 pixels.

we told ourselves this year would be better. different somehow. well then ladies, walk the walk shall we.

i'll try and play nicer with the group. more soon ...


The big, the bad and the british

sometimes old is just ... well, better.