e premte, 31 tetor 2008

why do I even bother with the weather widget. It's just gonna depress the crap outta me ...

"it's not about the hitpoints"

further proselytization from me on my fave new band. This is so damn funny:

e hënë, 20 tetor 2008


goodbye Dolemite. Your ass kickin' mad skills will be missed. RIP Rudy Ray Moore.

note ... trailer = NSFW

e martë, 14 tetor 2008

e enjte, 9 tetor 2008

Halloween is in the air. My buddy Derek has a creepy dinner every year. Heres a nice guacamole holder.

and a Dalek pumpkin.

church sign generator!

e mërkurë, 8 tetor 2008


for some shows in the ain't so distant future I done made:

e diel, 5 tetor 2008