e hënë, 21 korrik 2008


great weekend with old friends.
testface played a show with Jason anderson - gregg porter - and advrb.
this was a house show like no other. This fantastic woman Carol layed out a killer food spread and opened her home to us all. If you've never experienced a jason show... you really need to. the video is funky because we're all in the dark. so it's just audio.
new hampshire in da house.

I just payed my new mortgage company. I hope they like my checks.

e enjte, 17 korrik 2008

When love is gone, there's always justice.
And when justice is gone, there's always force.
And when force is gone, there's always Mom.
Hi, Mom!
-Laurie Anderson

• I posted this pic a while back. It's a shot of me and mom in front of our bitchin' gran torino. circa 72' in south jersey.

e martë, 15 korrik 2008

we will be a creepy playground crew

new Yeltsin vid made by Jordan. friggin hilarious!

old friends

testface had a great show sunday night in pdx. Kelley's Oly is an interesting bar to look at with mixed results. It's much better now with the new stage room. You used to have to tangle with a big pole in the middle of the old stage.
Sound was good and we played our guts out. Alexis was up from LA on keys and we had our friend Cory Gray sit in on trumpet.
The pure love of playing meaningful music with people you love holds a lot of weight. It has to be, because otherwise you'd go mad from all the other bullshit that goes along with playing in a bar ... being yelled at by big greek dudes for double parking in from of their greasy restaurant so you can load in ... being told you're going on last ... being told that you only get $9 at the end of the night because the door-guy must have been on horse tranquilizers. Why do we do it? because we love what we do (unless you're Andy Partridge from XTC) and thats not gonna change. We are the dog and "rock" holds the leash.

e premte, 11 korrik 2008

Olympic squids

Dan Jones and the Squids had a great time on Sunday strummin' and jigglin' for the Olympic trials held at Hayward field.
There is a strange feeling that washes over you when your face is 40 feet wide on the jumbo-tron monitor.
I played through a fender twin and was berated by the sound guy for being a bit on the "waaaaay tooo loud buddy" side.
I mean, how else are they supposed to hear me in Springfield. Geesh.
Thanks Dan!


Papa's got a bran' new bag.

... yes, I know how ridiculous you think ole' testface must look driving this beasty. Damn if I ain't grinnin' though.

vintage memory

Have been really into archive.org lately. Its a fantastic place to find stuff from your deeply emotional past.

I had an english teacher (in the 80's) who showed this weirdly strange film that I've been looking for ever since ... called "the hangman". The animation is a collection of truly fantastic paintings with a dark beatnik edge.

it's about 11 minutes long. Please let me know what ya think.

watch it here


also another great one here!

e mërkurë, 9 korrik 2008

where dem wild things be at

• I appologize ahead of time for the AMPM commercial before the clip.

I'm very excited for this little film. 2009 release.
Lots of controversy (too dark for the kiddies)
but OMFG ... spike jonze directs ... dave eggars write ... tom hanks produces? holy crapidy crap this is too awesome.
I hope its the weirdest things since "fantastic planet".