e premte, 27 qershor 2008

e enjte, 26 qershor 2008

now thats pep!

McDonalds apparently gives Mark Motherbaugh an upset tummy
Now if they had made a groovy Gary numan doll ... they could have avoided this whole McMess.

michael Michael motorcycle

and heres my good buddy MC on his new bike!

2 minutes to what?

Had a fantastic weekend back east with family and good friends. quick trip, but jam packed. Got to see Iron Maiden with MC and Djim in Boston. Holy crap. Talk about walking straight into 1985. No they are most definitely not aging rockers who should put their guitars in the closet. They played a totally oldschool set that had me grinnin' the whole time. Unbelievable. A special shout out to the girl who came up to us with eyes as big as saucers claiming she had an acid tree growing in her yard in montana.

... next day we headed down the cape and stopped in at one of my idols houses. Edward Gorey. They have turned his home into a museum of sorts, trying to preserve it as he left it (somewhat). Very cool indeed.

a eugene tradition

june 14th was the annual flagday bash of at Jills. The Juice Factory no longer exists, but the old crew remains. What better excuse to act like a silly american and do red, white and blue jello shots in traffic.

The new york times just did a feature on the back pages of Mad Magazine with a little interactive site that lets you see them over the course of decades. Show me a kid from the 80's that didn't just love these. View it here


If ANYONE can please tell me who might sell these in oregon, I'll buy you a drink. It's just that ... well, I need them. Now.

Man that rug really tied the room together.

This years lebowski fest is in Louisville this year. Would love to go to one of these some day. I am seriously becoming addicted to this movie.

"Throw me the idol!"

the mighty pelletgun rocking portland this winter. Man i miss playing in this band.