e martë, 13 nëntor 2007

trans am show

this is friggin hilarious. it's almost like he's making fun of his synth lines. They rip it up though!

e diel, 11 nëntor 2007

tface vs. I-80

ok ... I know everybody has their desert island lists. I wanted to make a list of my essential top 20 (if I could only pick 20) for a drive across country specifically for albums that would keep my blood flowing from beginning to end. Theres plenty of stuff out there like thin lizzy, minor threat, metallica, june of 44, husker du. etc. that could easily slide into this list, but I wanted to exclusively have perfect albums (i.e. every song is totally amazing in my humble opinion). So here is my top 20 for makin' it coast to coast without the use of recreational substances other than crappy truckstop coffee.
p.s. Ideally you'd be driving like a '72 Gran Torino. (hey it's my friggin' fantasy right?) Feel free to study, lambaste, trash me if you want. Just don't mess with the material girl.

the list in no particular order:

ac/dc - '74 jailbreak
Aerosmith - toys in the attic
alice donut - mule
bad brains - bad brains
daft punk - discovery
Deep Purple - In Rock
Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
gary numan - telekon
iron maiden - killers
madonna - madonna
misfits - earth a.d.
Shellac - 1000 hurts
slayer - reign in blood
sonic youth - daydream nation
the stooges - fun house
talking heads - fear of music
trackstar - communication breaks
trans am - surrender to the night
voivod - killing technology
zz top - Degüello

close seconds that should be on this list, but I just couldn't live without the 20 that were there.
minutemen - double nickles on the dime
priest - screaming for vengence
cromags - the age of quarrel
gang of four - entertainment
skynyrd - gimmi back my bullets
big black - atomizer
blonde redhead - fake can be just as good
black flag - nervous breakdown

e enjte, 8 nëntor 2007


I made this a while ago and stumbled across it. Here is a list of foods and food items, from my childhood, which give me a feeling of uneasiness or unexplained discomfort, most likely from a triggered memory or past connection:

-dry granola bars
-alphabits cereal
-sixlets candy
-cheap microwavable borritos
-chicken croquettes
-funyuns chips
-milk w/ molasses
-brown bread (this is bread that actually came in a can)
-capri sun (it was a drink that came in a box w/ straw)
-crazy bones (little bone candy that came in a coffin)
-shake-ups (icky sweet shakes that came in a carton)
-steak 'ems (thin slabs of frozen meats separated by a sheet of wax paper)
-little debbie star crunch cakes
-freedent gum
-fudgie the whale icecream (made by carvel?)
-Magic shell (for ice cream)
-orange crush
-homemade english muffin pizzas
-fruit punch (of any kind)
-sloppy joe's
-plastic cups that have what looks like wicker inside them.
-mugs that have gold around the rim
-hard cookware specially formulated for microwaves by litton
-hard plastic straws that are meant to be reusable
-clear plastic table cloths that go over a cloth tablecloth!
-placemats with early 19th century illustrations


e mërkurë, 7 nëntor 2007

In 5th grade I got in trouble for sticking an entire pack of "wackypacks" to various parts of the classroom. Truly the greatest thing since smash-up derby to a 5th grade boy.

the ocean wants me

Had a beautiful night on the coast with my brother Eric. Our intention was to record as much as possible in one night as we both know the reality of our geographical proximity (we never get to hang like bro's should be able to). It was perfect weather and while very much blissed out with our conditions for the evening, we couldn't get the digital recording set up to our liking. We did however photograph each other doing Karate in the sunset and play lush music into the night until the cold medicine kicked in. Silly codine.

new/old gems I am listening to include:
• Chavez - Gone Glimmering
(matt sweeneys early band that'll kick you in that ass 2x. This disk is so good and ahead of it's time)
• Dead Meadow - Shivering King And Others
(heavy early sabbath drudge blues sound. Not quite stoner rock, but it a good time.)
• • The Pretty Things - Parachute
(why i never got into this band I don't know. a stripped down badfinger meets early kinks)
Sleep - Holy Mountain
(old project of Matt Pike from High on Fire. It really doesn't get much heavier that this guy)
• Kimya Dawson - Remember That I Love You
(this woman will crack you up and make you cry. She writes beautiful quirky songs on her acoustic about stuff you might actually care about)
• Giant Skyflower Band - Blood Of The Sunworm
(Side project of Shayd and Glenn from Skygreen Leapords. Neo Psych from the weird part of your soul)
• Neil Young - Zuma
(doesn't matter how many times you've heard Cortez the Killer ... that guitar tone is the sweetest thing to the ears. Makes my heart slow down and my blood speed up.)
• Trans Am - Sex Change
(latest effort for the swell DC synthy cockrock trio. More electro fun than previous releases)

This Mummified Chupakabra is really freakin' me out. Thanks Derek.