e premte, 26 dhjetor 2008

This is what I wanted for Christmas one year in the late 70's.
I was told that santa had unfortunately run out of them at the particular branch office of the north pole where he manufactures them.

e hënë, 15 dhjetor 2008

old shows

should speak for itself.

e shtunë, 6 dhjetor 2008

RIP Bobtail Kitty

Bobtail Kitty 1988-2008
(AKA Skeletor)

you shall be deeply missed.

e martë, 2 dhjetor 2008

e hënë, 1 dhjetor 2008

a challenge

A "challenge" was brought on me to create a picture of "Interplanet Janet" using only found images using google.
Here you go Bert ...