e enjte, 27 shtator 2007

nar nar

Gibson called their reverse flying-V "a daring move". I call it a "nauseous hurt on my eyes" .... but the all time ugliest guitar in my opinion (excluding anything in the myriad of Steve Vai's collection) has got to be this Hallmark guitar. I mean please? does anyone own one of these? painful.

e martë, 25 shtator 2007

LP battles : round 10



I heart you 1970's

New kids programs don't hold a candle to this shit. Check the vintage synth's:

e shtunë, 22 shtator 2007

meth head - 1 .. band - 0

last nights show at luckeys was a rollercoaster of emotions. Night started off swellingly with Derek Trost filling in for jordan in Patrick's band ("doubles" is what he's currently calling it). The set was amazing. I'm really loving my new A/B box so I can play through my f-deluxe and my bass stack at the same time. Even at low to mid levels it sounds like a fucking Pontiac GTO with a 389 under the covers. We tried to get all the subtle shit from the recording to come across and push the anti when it needed it. The result was a really intense set and the peeps seemed to dig.
So then tractor operator gets up to play. All the gear is already there as we're sharing (sorry ... i play in both bands) and we are just about to hit it when someone asks if it might be our car that just got broken into in the back lot. Of course it is and all Brian Gardiner's shit got nabbed. (computer, check book, etc.) I see him like once a year because he's in a doctoral program in Indiana. He is beside himself and Eric and I do the set as a duo. How fucking lame that a meth head thief could prevent us from rocking our ass off. We already made the other bands wait long enough while we got our heads back on straight and taped up the window they smashed on Jen Choates car. So pissed off.

Thanks to everyone who showed.

e premte, 21 shtator 2007

buy anything day

This morning I set out on a task to buy something (anything) on eCrack with the idea that it would be something in a color I normally wouldn't buy and it had to be something I didn't need. So I scavenged randomly in things that had end times of 2 minutes. Low and behold, what pops up but this adorable pink er.. guitar. Well I definitely don't need any more guitars and I have no instruments that are pink. (hey get your mind outta the gutter). I stole that sucker for a whole $6 and change. I'm sure its a piece of shite, but damn if I'm not gonna have fun with it. There is a sad part to this story friends. Apparently (after I checked the bidding history) I won this guitar by outbidding some little girl. Her buying history had things like bracelet charms and Zac Effron paraphernalia. I immediately felt like an anonymous tattooed cyber-bully on the worldwide playground. Oh well. I've got a new friggin' pink guitar. Jealous much?

e enjte, 20 shtator 2007

e mërkurë, 19 shtator 2007

the rawk

forgot to mention my anticipatitus for fridays rockfest.
Luckeys - fri sept 21
Tractor Operator and Patrick Hayden.

I'm playin in both bands. Brian Gardiner is out here from Indiana on drums for trac op.
Also, very excited to play out with Patty. He's calling it doubles. We'll be doing all the stuff we just laid down at Gung Ho studios. We're first and second which means no gettin off stage at 2am.
come check it out ...

eas cose wes cose

good lord.
Sorry for the laxness in posting. much travel abound. Had a fantastic time throwing a party for mc homemade in Brockton, MA. Thanks to the help of Kristin, he had no idea what hit him. walking into his house to a room full of mullets, ferrari sunglasses and denim. We played some great maiden and dokken covers in the basement. Jim Tyrell was still down there at 3:30 rocking to himself on the keys. Damn good thing we recovered the next day by lounging around the pool with a pitcher of tequila surprise.
Then spent some time up north with my aunt and family. She's still recovering from an illness and I tell you she's a damn ferocious scrabble player.
Played an acoustic testface show on Portsmouth Public Radio with Guy III and Greg Porter. Thanks so much for settin that up Guy.

No sooner was I back from oregon that i got back in the car and went to Orcas Island (up near canada) for George and taras wedding. George is 1/2 of sleepsound records, the entity responsible for the last testface recording.
Had a great time hangin at the B&B with Mood area 52. I'm so psyched that dan is frank blacks low-end on his up coming tour. Could pick a better bass player Franco!! Who else can make clam dip on the fly? Fantastic wedding, but i don't do so well in long car rides. My guts are still on the verge of technicolor yawn.

On heavy rotation right now ... beach house and Vic Chesnutt. The new vic has Godspeed you black emperor as his back-up band and the whole thing was recorded at that Hotel2Tango place up in canada. Tons of haunting room sounds and a whole lotta space make this record such a beautiful listen.
Beach house is a duo from Baltimore. Very slow and moody shit that swirls in the air like a cottoncandy tornado in front of a licorice sky. heavy organ, effected key boards, and nico-like vocals. Great hangover music.

in other news, i'm an uncle of sorts. Jay and Shannon had their kiddo finally. Welcome Eli. Its best to start rock school as soon as possible and teach him the difference between patti smith and patty smythe.