e enjte, 8 maj 2008

consume you

So what is the abhorrent trend with designer bullshit? I turn on le computer and I see that the google header is fancy in a reprehensible neo-80's kind of way. I double click and find out that its some special "artist theme" available for 1 week only! I buy a soda in 7-11 and it comes in a hip bottle with graffiti all over it, and i silently squeal "oh my gawd, I can't believe it's pepsi". Today I drove through BK for some fries (my bad) and all the packaging says "designed by sean john" with a big ass signature of sean john all over everything.

I don't get it people. If I'm going to buy shitty corporate junk once in a great while and hit up unavoidable mainstream things like google, I want it to look and taste like shitty corporate junk. It confuses my soul when I think there might be something artsy about the General Mills or Pepsi corporations. Stop it.

p.s - were those fries damn good. there I said it.

3 komente:

lexdexter tha...

i saw you at the drive-thru mother-effer! - p

mc_homemade tha...

Just do it. Because Coke adds life. you can take a lickin' and you keep on tickin' By the way, have you driven a Ford lately?


Anonim tha...

why CAN"T everything be beautiful?
; )

Hey MC, I'd ride a mile on your camel!