e enjte, 26 qershor 2008

2 minutes to what?

Had a fantastic weekend back east with family and good friends. quick trip, but jam packed. Got to see Iron Maiden with MC and Djim in Boston. Holy crap. Talk about walking straight into 1985. No they are most definitely not aging rockers who should put their guitars in the closet. They played a totally oldschool set that had me grinnin' the whole time. Unbelievable. A special shout out to the girl who came up to us with eyes as big as saucers claiming she had an acid tree growing in her yard in montana.

... next day we headed down the cape and stopped in at one of my idols houses. Edward Gorey. They have turned his home into a museum of sorts, trying to preserve it as he left it (somewhat). Very cool indeed.

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"Who was the only person we knew that worked at Plymouth's only take out Hong Kong?" tha...

I already have this show burned on CD....thanks to "I love Metal and I love Freedom"

RK tha...

This post has me experiencing a trifecta of emotions:
Jealousy, envy, and vicarious joy for you, you lucky duck. Did I mention envy?