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old times

My friend Dylan from Tigersaw asked me to send him what I remember of old shows for this book he's writing about touring and whatnot. His book is called All My Friends Are Right Here With Me. Here is a section:

Lasting memories of times with Dylan and his merry Tigersaw gang. Sheriff Metrano's posse has done shows with testface over the years and those are the kind of things that will stay with you to the end.
Probably the most infamous of times was a short tour in the N.W. back in 2006.
Those shows in which we played together were:
• seattle - Conor Byrne -sept 16
• salem - cafe noir -sept 19
• pdx - mississippi pizza -sept 20
• eugene - luckeys -sept 22

Those shows consisted of Tigersaw, Hotel Alexis, Unbunny, and Testface. We rotated the lineup each night and each show had very different vibes. When I pulled into Seattle the first night I just had this strange feeling in my body. Part of it was the excitement of seeing all these old friends, but there was something I couldn't put my finger on. A hum in the wires as Sid would say. As my car pulled into the venue neighborhood, it was darker than usual, and I realized the only light in the universe was coming from my headlights. No power in that part of seattle. We all slowly trickled into the place and laughed and hugged and contemplated our game-plan sans electric juice. The bar had an odd sense of comradery. Dylan took one for the team and played first surrounded in a warm bath of candlelight. Ears listened for subtle things and tiny acoustics. Wonderful. Then about 1/2 way through the set ... the juice comes on and the entire mood of the bar changed. A blessing and a curse.
I did my testface set as well as playing bass for Sid in Hotel Alexis that tour. I remember the night ending with the power going out again and Sid pounding the keys in the back of the bar on an old upright piano. Truly a great start to a small tour-let.
The rest of the shows were equally as fantastic. Dylan has a way of captivating an audience in a simple way. Songs like "postcards & Letters" and "sing" could go on for endless cycles and it's kind of like beautiful thoughts being frozen in time. We ended the shows in eugene and I remember having a huge Italian feast with wine at my house with all the bands before the show. My livingroom was littered with Gregg Porter, Sid Lindner, Nate Groth, Dylan, Derek Trost, James Smith, Jarid and others. It looked like a Macworld Expo center with peeps rapidly sharing their well spent time with the universe. The show was epic ... at one point there were like 12 of us on stage singing in Dylans band. Every ounce of floor, bed and garage space was strewn with indie rock flesh that night.
Tigersaw has since been out here a couple times for shows with testface, but in my opinion, nothing could be more epic than that massive maelstrom of friends. All my memories are right here with me.

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