e enjte, 15 janar 2009


Brethren Rob turned me on to the foodie show on BBC that deals with this guy Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal. He's a wing nut (an ohh so british) but very entertaining. This one episode he goes into deep detail on when he slaughters his 3 pigs and all the tasty cuts (confit, chops, ribs, necks, bones, head, trotters, sausage, BACON, pates, blood sausage, etc.) he gets off of them for a massive feast. He's also an organic garden maestro but this particular episode is all about the swine. Not recommended for los vegetarianos. Really great documentary.


Brenden and Anne Marie over at Belly should really appreciate this! In case you haven't been there ... words do not describe the deliciousness and care they put into their thing (their thing being CULINARY NIRVANA). Here they are servin' us up on new years eve ...

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ann marie tha...

yeah, we dig. thanks Dave

gabbagabbahey tha...

CHICKEN wing nut maybe! (/sorry)

more accurate (and more British) term is probably eccentric.

him, Jamie Oliver - in a blokeish way - and Heston Blumenthal - in a mad chemist way - are the trifecta of strange British cooks.