e premte, 21 shtator 2007

buy anything day

This morning I set out on a task to buy something (anything) on eCrack with the idea that it would be something in a color I normally wouldn't buy and it had to be something I didn't need. So I scavenged randomly in things that had end times of 2 minutes. Low and behold, what pops up but this adorable pink er.. guitar. Well I definitely don't need any more guitars and I have no instruments that are pink. (hey get your mind outta the gutter). I stole that sucker for a whole $6 and change. I'm sure its a piece of shite, but damn if I'm not gonna have fun with it. There is a sad part to this story friends. Apparently (after I checked the bidding history) I won this guitar by outbidding some little girl. Her buying history had things like bracelet charms and Zac Effron paraphernalia. I immediately felt like an anonymous tattooed cyber-bully on the worldwide playground. Oh well. I've got a new friggin' pink guitar. Jealous much?

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Mickey tha...

I'm curious....what is eCrack?

snider tha...


1-12-6-7 tha...

that guitar looks like the strange concoction of material that they called "hypercolor" in the early '90's. you remember those shirts that would turn colors near your arm pits and croch...fuck yeah!