e shtunë, 22 shtator 2007

meth head - 1 .. band - 0

last nights show at luckeys was a rollercoaster of emotions. Night started off swellingly with Derek Trost filling in for jordan in Patrick's band ("doubles" is what he's currently calling it). The set was amazing. I'm really loving my new A/B box so I can play through my f-deluxe and my bass stack at the same time. Even at low to mid levels it sounds like a fucking Pontiac GTO with a 389 under the covers. We tried to get all the subtle shit from the recording to come across and push the anti when it needed it. The result was a really intense set and the peeps seemed to dig.
So then tractor operator gets up to play. All the gear is already there as we're sharing (sorry ... i play in both bands) and we are just about to hit it when someone asks if it might be our car that just got broken into in the back lot. Of course it is and all Brian Gardiner's shit got nabbed. (computer, check book, etc.) I see him like once a year because he's in a doctoral program in Indiana. He is beside himself and Eric and I do the set as a duo. How fucking lame that a meth head thief could prevent us from rocking our ass off. We already made the other bands wait long enough while we got our heads back on straight and taped up the window they smashed on Jen Choates car. So pissed off.

Thanks to everyone who showed.

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