e enjte, 8 nëntor 2007


I made this a while ago and stumbled across it. Here is a list of foods and food items, from my childhood, which give me a feeling of uneasiness or unexplained discomfort, most likely from a triggered memory or past connection:

-dry granola bars
-alphabits cereal
-sixlets candy
-cheap microwavable borritos
-chicken croquettes
-funyuns chips
-milk w/ molasses
-brown bread (this is bread that actually came in a can)
-capri sun (it was a drink that came in a box w/ straw)
-crazy bones (little bone candy that came in a coffin)
-shake-ups (icky sweet shakes that came in a carton)
-steak 'ems (thin slabs of frozen meats separated by a sheet of wax paper)
-little debbie star crunch cakes
-freedent gum
-fudgie the whale icecream (made by carvel?)
-Magic shell (for ice cream)
-orange crush
-homemade english muffin pizzas
-fruit punch (of any kind)
-sloppy joe's
-plastic cups that have what looks like wicker inside them.
-mugs that have gold around the rim
-hard cookware specially formulated for microwaves by litton
-hard plastic straws that are meant to be reusable
-clear plastic table cloths that go over a cloth tablecloth!
-placemats with early 19th century illustrations


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RK tha...

What are chicken croquets and plastic cups that have what looks like wicer inside them?

snider tha...

chicken croquetes are these breaded balls of bird mush that you microwave and then dump this packaged gravey all over. a staple in my fend for yourself growing up after school.

the mugs were these plastic things that had wicker embedded into them. you still see em' from time to time. yuck.

Dan tha...

This matches my list of "fun food for the cabin at the lake." And don't forget Jimmy Dean Lunchables.

patrick tha...

pizza muffins, man. couldn't i've at least gotten back from jersey before having to look into that greasy mirror?

Jen tha...

Bread in a can? Ewwww. What about Spam? Come to the Midwest and I'll take you to the museum.
In Fargo, they're serving Capri Sun to the newly arrived refugees during orientation. I thought that stuff died.
That list puts me back to 1984 - sigh.

Anonim tha...
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