e diel, 11 nëntor 2007

tface vs. I-80

ok ... I know everybody has their desert island lists. I wanted to make a list of my essential top 20 (if I could only pick 20) for a drive across country specifically for albums that would keep my blood flowing from beginning to end. Theres plenty of stuff out there like thin lizzy, minor threat, metallica, june of 44, husker du. etc. that could easily slide into this list, but I wanted to exclusively have perfect albums (i.e. every song is totally amazing in my humble opinion). So here is my top 20 for makin' it coast to coast without the use of recreational substances other than crappy truckstop coffee.
p.s. Ideally you'd be driving like a '72 Gran Torino. (hey it's my friggin' fantasy right?) Feel free to study, lambaste, trash me if you want. Just don't mess with the material girl.

the list in no particular order:

ac/dc - '74 jailbreak
Aerosmith - toys in the attic
alice donut - mule
bad brains - bad brains
daft punk - discovery
Deep Purple - In Rock
Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
gary numan - telekon
iron maiden - killers
madonna - madonna
misfits - earth a.d.
Shellac - 1000 hurts
slayer - reign in blood
sonic youth - daydream nation
the stooges - fun house
talking heads - fear of music
trackstar - communication breaks
trans am - surrender to the night
voivod - killing technology
zz top - Degüello

close seconds that should be on this list, but I just couldn't live without the 20 that were there.
minutemen - double nickles on the dime
priest - screaming for vengence
cromags - the age of quarrel
gang of four - entertainment
skynyrd - gimmi back my bullets
big black - atomizer
blonde redhead - fake can be just as good
black flag - nervous breakdown

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Jen tha...

My high school math teacher had a green Gran Torino and I got to ride in it a few times before he sold when I was part of the teachers' paint crew with my dad. It was a damn fine machine. And nice list too.

lexdexter tha...

where's the imperfect moment on _Spiderland_?

testface tha...

high school math teacher huh?

check this ...