e martë, 18 mars 2008

¿Te gusta pescado taco's?

I think there is some comfort for me in stench. There is something about when you get to a slightly less then polished foreign city and that smell of garbage hits you like a smack upside the head ... it is at once revolting but deeply comforting on an inner psychy roadmap. Most likely a fondness for travel memories. The old part of Puerto Vallerta has this amazing rich heritage and plenty of experiences to offer where you don't feel like a tourist. My first night here I played billiards in an only mexican bar. Won one / lost one. They're trying to get me to join a tournament friday night. Marlin taco's are friggin' amazing ... even more so at 80 peso's. God my español sucks ass but at least I'm trying.

more to come from tu hombre testface ...

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Anonim tha...

perhaps it's a childhood memory from southern NH : ) smelt nicer places, love on a taco, have mas fun -B