e mërkurë, 19 mars 2008

today I goes to la Pharmacia to get some painista killeritos because I have what appears to be the flu or some god awful thing like it. The nice bonita lady gave me something called paracetamol. I'm coincidentally reading this book about infectious diseases and had a total freak-out last night because my symptoms exactly matched the ones of this flesh eating strep virus. I am still here today so I guess it wasn't that. I did manage to drag my ass to the beach however for a bucket of cold Pacifico's and watched all the freaks.
also ... in mexico ... it is apparently ok to have your car alarm go off for many hours and not give a rats ass. this happens everywhere.

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RK tha...

Paracetamol is acetaminophen (aspirin). It's an analgesic (pain med).
I think you can get a flu liquid with codeine in it there over the counter.
Tamiflu is also available, so I hear. It is an antiviral and should help to speed recovery time if it is the flu.
Rest and clear liquids (not beer!).
I hope you feel better soon.

tface tha...


going straight for the kill. it gettin pretty bad.