e martë, 15 korrik 2008

old friends

testface had a great show sunday night in pdx. Kelley's Oly is an interesting bar to look at with mixed results. It's much better now with the new stage room. You used to have to tangle with a big pole in the middle of the old stage.
Sound was good and we played our guts out. Alexis was up from LA on keys and we had our friend Cory Gray sit in on trumpet.
The pure love of playing meaningful music with people you love holds a lot of weight. It has to be, because otherwise you'd go mad from all the other bullshit that goes along with playing in a bar ... being yelled at by big greek dudes for double parking in from of their greasy restaurant so you can load in ... being told you're going on last ... being told that you only get $9 at the end of the night because the door-guy must have been on horse tranquilizers. Why do we do it? because we love what we do (unless you're Andy Partridge from XTC) and thats not gonna change. We are the dog and "rock" holds the leash.

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