e premte, 11 korrik 2008

Olympic squids

Dan Jones and the Squids had a great time on Sunday strummin' and jigglin' for the Olympic trials held at Hayward field.
There is a strange feeling that washes over you when your face is 40 feet wide on the jumbo-tron monitor.
I played through a fender twin and was berated by the sound guy for being a bit on the "waaaaay tooo loud buddy" side.
I mean, how else are they supposed to hear me in Springfield. Geesh.
Thanks Dan!

2 komente:

mc homemade tha...

Hell No you don't. That's yo Hooptie Yo! Rep!

Diane tha...

You know you've made it when you're up on a jumbo-tronic screen (or painted on black velvet). That is awesome!