e premte, 22 gusht 2008

3 for friday

Heres THE record I've been waiting for 4 a while.
Holy Sons> Decline of the West

This album is so complex. It's a recent album from Holy Sons (which is essentially Emil Amos). It's the perfect marriage of analog and synthetic mechanisms. His voice is so comforting and hard to pin down.
Where he will take you may or may not include distant ironic junkyards, lost 70's electronics, mountain cave incantations, AM radio crumbs, and guitars layered like dystopian earth.
He has other releases coming out with his other projects too if one is inclined to seek him out.
August 15th> 
OM >  7" 'Gebel Barkal' > Sub Pop.

September 23rd>
Holy Sons >  'Decline of the West Expanded' > Partisan Records.

October 7th>
Grails >  'Doomsdayer's Holiday' > Temporary Residence.


Starbuck > Moonlight Feels Right

Starbuck is a gem of a band I am now just discovering. If beck knew that people were discovering this group, he'd be shakin in his boots. It's total cheese, but frankly its the best kind of cheese that I'm not afraid to smother all over everything. I'm sure the burnout rate will be quick, but give em a try. Did I say ... marimba solo? Did I say they toured with ELO?

Moonlight feels right ... now!


SOULED AMERICAN Around The Horn/Sonny (tUMULt) 2cd

If you don't know about these guys ... well ya should. Out of print, this pure gold double CD of theirs is the precurser to every alt-country record you own. On Robitussin.
Closer to Low than say Uncle Tupalo ... it really resonates with my sad drinky parts.
You can pretty much only find it over at Aquarius records

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