e hënë, 18 gusht 2008

testface has not yet left the building

am happy to report that the vehicle otherwise known as "me" is still a viable entity on this boat earth. In layman's terms ... I almost died this weekend. Had quite the rafting accident on the McKenzie River with friends and made it through relatively unscathed (except for a dislocated finger and some FUBAR'd limbs. Nothing advil and Makers Mark won't fix.

We had a perfect day until the end when our raft crashed into a giant stump throwing us all. Everyone got tossed away from the stump except me who managed to hold onto the rootball. i had about 2 minutes of holding on before i started going under. Jake was able to climb over the logs and get me safely back into the current before i got sucked under the log jam (a most certain death). If it were not for the quick thinking crew I was with, your dear writer would most assuredly not be typing this. The pics don't really show it, but that is 1000's of lbs. of preasure on that log. took an hour to get that raft out of there.

8 lives to go.

drinks on me,
camp Testface

2 komente:

Eric tha...

I certainly would not have forgiven you ever for letting go of that rootball too soon. Glad you made it to dry log and land. I'll drink to that.

Anonim tha...

Pretty glad you are still with us D! I like to go down the river in a giant hamster ball to avoid just such possible dangers. luv -B