e diel, 23 mars 2008

and on the 7th day ...

this is me. easter sunday. returning from the dead. trying to roll away some stone. i still feel undead.

this is a cute little mexican car. it makes me smile.

this is my pile of mexican drugs to make me better. thanks RK for recomending the cough syrup. it makes one believe that things might get better.

e mërkurë, 19 mars 2008

today I goes to la Pharmacia to get some painista killeritos because I have what appears to be the flu or some god awful thing like it. The nice bonita lady gave me something called paracetamol. I'm coincidentally reading this book about infectious diseases and had a total freak-out last night because my symptoms exactly matched the ones of this flesh eating strep virus. I am still here today so I guess it wasn't that. I did manage to drag my ass to the beach however for a bucket of cold Pacifico's and watched all the freaks.
also ... in mexico ... it is apparently ok to have your car alarm go off for many hours and not give a rats ass. this happens everywhere.

e martë, 18 mars 2008

¿Te gusta pescado taco's?

I think there is some comfort for me in stench. There is something about when you get to a slightly less then polished foreign city and that smell of garbage hits you like a smack upside the head ... it is at once revolting but deeply comforting on an inner psychy roadmap. Most likely a fondness for travel memories. The old part of Puerto Vallerta has this amazing rich heritage and plenty of experiences to offer where you don't feel like a tourist. My first night here I played billiards in an only mexican bar. Won one / lost one. They're trying to get me to join a tournament friday night. Marlin taco's are friggin' amazing ... even more so at 80 peso's. God my español sucks ass but at least I'm trying.

more to come from tu hombre testface ...

e diel, 16 mars 2008

run to the hills kiddies ...

I am dizzy with excitement right now as I write this. There is a buzz in the aging rocker tour world right now and apparently Iron Maiden is doing a full fledged world tour playing only old shit. The funniest part of the whole thing is ... bruce dickenson is actually a commercial pilot. He is flying the band on "Ed Force 1". I kid you not.

I will cry like a little school girl if I don't get to see this tour. The last time I saw maiden was 85'. If I ever had a dirty little secret ... i'd call that secret Iron friggin maiden.

e hënë, 10 mars 2008

That little Bridge collapse

Good news on the sonic philanthropy front. Lil' Testface landed his self on the Musicians for Minneapolis comp (thanks D-rawk) which benefits the folks who were directly effected by the I-35W Bridge collapse. There are some monster heavies on there including Sparklehorse, M. Ward, DJ Spooky, Faust , Bobby Bare Jr., Beltline, Tracker, Calexico, Mark Kozelek, Los Lobos, and ... [gasp] ... Steve Vai. Really excited to be a part of this. Many places including CD Baby carry it. It's 3 cd's and so far no chance of digital distro because of licensing regulations ... which, except for plastic, I think is kinda cool. Yay for physical product. Unfortunately, the rest peeps who played on the song (Alexis Stevens - piano - vocals; Mitch Miller - 45 record; Brian Gardiner - drums) did not get appropriate credit.

e diel, 9 mars 2008

Some kind of Ranger and Tonto ride the lightning in Heaven

Is it just me, or are Sherman Alexie and lars Ulrich the same person??
just a thought.

e shtunë, 8 mars 2008

e premte, 7 mars 2008

spoiled in spokane

my brother is very fond of giving me vintage electronic games. Visited him in spokane last week and hit some goodwills. Cut from the same cloth? damn straight.


Ozzy vs. concerto (the boys from Heavenly Oceans at the eugene record convention)

Helped the trost move this past weekend. His house was still filled to the gills with all his odd german things. Melissa Mea helped out quite a bit as well. We got that U-haul packed with a square inch of space left. He made it to Minnesota in less than 2 days. John from tracker came by as well and laid the new Laura Veirs and Lackthereof on me. Love that tasty 180 gram wax. His label puts out some incredible stuff. Do check him out.

This image is frm one of my favorite new blogs / todays inspiration Specializing in illustration from the 40's and 50's. I've always been obsesssed with the cutaway.

minmae = god

one of my favorite bands in the world happens to be a friend. Sean in minmae writes exquisite sculptures and pens lyrics so scarily good. Makes one numb. His new bands it tighter than a misquito's ass stretched over a rain barrel. They'll be back here in april at luckey's. DO NOT MISS THEM.