e shtunë, 23 qershor 2007

I-5 boogie

Played Portland last night with the fast computers. Their CD release at Beerbati's Pan. Did a ripping rendition of Mr. Blue sky. Unfortunately my vocoder was being a little snot so I had to placate the hipsters with a Drum and Bass portamento setting. super fun. Before the club I hit my friend Tammy's house. She was having a party and her band the Pathogens played. Totally kick ass powah trio with a king size sac and nasty amps. Had a beer in the basement with Rob Jones. Nice party.

On the 3am drive home, Fox hooked me up with a sparks for the road to stay awake. I hit up the brooks truck stop and snatched a bag of andy cap hot fries and a couple corn dogs (2.99 for 2!). The teller charged me 99 cents and said there was no way in hell she could ethically charge me for the dogs. As soon as I bit into their caiman like leather exteriors, i had to laugh. My bicuspids did not.

Today i am watering the yard and hitting up a neighbor's Midsummer party (go sweeds) before the eugene version of fast computers. I hope the Korg puts out tonight.

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