e enjte, 21 qershor 2007

new hope

I have thought long and hard about the pro's and con's of starting a blog.
pro: why the hell not
con: who the fuck really really cares
con: I already waste too much time at wikipedia
con: my thoughts are generally chaotic and splattered in non edit mod. This can produce unwanted psychedelic results that most people would find annoying.
pro: at least it would get me writing again.
con: seriously ... who gives a squirt.
con: ______________
pro: if you're reading this, which well, YOU ARE, it means we're sort of chatting. I work my ass off and rarely get to talk with people I care about and would much rather be sipping manhattans on my back deck with, so ... lets pretend we're chatting.

all I'm gonna say tonight is:
toys in the attic - side two

just do it. you won't regret the toxic twins kicking your ass up and down the street.

there. I just took a blog.

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