e diel, 24 qershor 2007

good neighbors

Another excellent fast computers show last night. Tom Heinl opened the night with an amazing set ... one of the best i've ever seen. totally on fire.

Woke up at 7 today and brewed the stumptown coffee strong. Greeted neighbor Rex with a warm AM smile and we proceeded to mend the walls between us. Literally.
My friggin' cedar fence has been slowly laying it waterlogged self down over the last couple years. We tore down a few sections and dug new post holes. Smashing cement is fun. I'd hardly call it a new fence because cobbled from whatever scraps weren't completely toast. The cats are pissed (no pun intended) because they don't have an easy portal to take a squirt in said neighbors yard anymore.

Finished up a show promo ad for the flaming lips. Have a long day of staring at the computer ahead of me. Lately I seem to have a hard time saying no. To anything. I have a ton of music and design projects on the radar and I really need to prioritize my shit before I feel like I'm getting mown over by a train again. Couple that with this summer weather and the constant desire to be grilling dead things with a cocktail in your had and it's a recipe for extended anti-productivity and everything piles up behind you. I'll work on that "no" thing.

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Dan tha...

You've got to understand that the angle of repose for a 34 degree fencing project on a slope like that isn't what it was BTV (before the volcano.) We're selling an assload of particle board landscape shims, basically like a saucer sled crossed with a heavy duty egg carton. These have wildflower seeds embedded in them so that when they break down, you got columbine, indian paintbrush, mullein, and pansy mugwort. All the earthy types are jostling for doobie seed retainer wall edging but we got no time for black choppers now that the Atmosphere Bubble is finally up and running. Kid knocked a hole in it last week, dialing nine on a hung curve ball at Ban Johnson tournament. The whole parking lot and concession stand got sucked through the hole and there were Red Vine Ropes whipping around like all hell broke loose.

As far as saying no, just remember what the nuge said: when in doubt I whip it out/cuz I'm in a rock and roll band.

1-12-6-7 tha...

hey dude- just found your new blog via the head squids blog. welcome...next time you're in pdx give a shout and i will find you.