e enjte, 17 prill 2008

and now the news

A) - bit of a whisper in the grass about a polvo "reformation". If you do the math (no pun intended) you can hear them in just about and 90's postrock outfit. No westcoast dates yet, but keep them digits crossed.

stream feather of forgiveness.

B) - today i was born ... 37 years ago.

C) - hazel court, otherwise known as the "scream queen" has passed away. She was in a couple of my favorite horror flicks "the raven" and "masque of the red death" (both with vincent price)

D) - and lastly ... the popes visit to our fair stretch of land has him showing bush he can run with the cowboys as well. You go tiger.

4 komente:

Clark tha...

happy b-day brother testface! if you find yourself up north, i would be happy to buy you something strong that burns your throat on the way down, and warms your soul to the core...

once again,
feliz cumpleaño


Luciferous L tha...

Big ups & head butts to my fav-o-rite Ram!
Luvs ya-
La Prez

Anonim tha...

oh happy day D, have a corn dog on me


MC Homemade tha...

Another one bites the dust. Ahhhh my dear brother, we did bring in yet another joyous year together.