e martë, 29 prill 2008

wreckreational birthday week

A most amazing birthday week was had by yours truly with no small thanks going out to MC Homemade paying me a visit from Brockton for the week. Somehow we always seem to end up markedly more polluted towards the end of our visits, even with good intentions of hitting the gym and all that jazz.
Stayed at the ace hotel for my birthday. Formerly The Clyde Hotel where part of drugstore cowboy was filmed, they really turned this into a hipster art hotel. Big style points. Spendy, but great to check out for the once in a while thing. Went the polar opposite direction the next night at the palms motel punctuated with karaoke at the alibi with M.C. and Dori. The woman in the silver sequin dress running the show was passed out half the time so M.C. threatened the crowd with poetry and standup comedy. Atta boy! Oh yeay .. we saw Daniel Johnston at the wonder ballroom as well. Fantastic.
Sunday we had a small party at my house. My mom told all my friends how she wouldn't let me go to school one day because I had a "metal up your ass" t-shirt on. That got the peeps laughin. Dan Jones gave me the new bad brains box album "build a nation". It comes on four 45's (colored vinyl) and totally shreads. Thanks DJ!

Had a fantastic testface show wednesday with the comforters and whisky priest. Tried out some new material and am diggin the way things are going.
Friday and saturday played with tractor operator both nights opening for Yeltsin for their CD release. Nice job boys. Fridays show at Kelleys Olympian was great on many levels as my gut was full of rabbit and venison from toro bravo and the club was full of great faces including the mighty Lacifer.
Sunday we (Trac Op) recorded a couple new tracks for an upcoming release.

Was excited to hear this morning that everybody's (i say that loosely) fave bible nudgin' bad ass is coming back to portland this fall.
Nick Cave and his bad bad seeds - sept 22 - crystal ballroom.

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mc homemade tha...

An amazing week indeed my friend. The weather was 85 degrees in Boston the whole week, while I sampled the wears of the northwest drizzle my nizzle. However, the hearth of The Snider abode provided much warmth. Many thanks to you my dearest friend.

For the record, I did save many a lost souls at the Alibi. What the hell else is an East Coast kid to do?

Snider will be on my time later in June. So,...run for your life.