e martë, 15 prill 2008

Aries ... make your headbutts count

I just had a fantastic early birthday din din at marché. oysters, rabbit, lentles and wine, caramel tart and brandy. think i'll go join an aristocracy and build a castle with a moat of peasants blood and chum.

There will be some sort of BBQ at my pad with clasic fun games for everyone ... like:
- Bobbing for Carp
- Pin the shark on the lion
- crawl space limbo
- duck, duck, botulism
- musical scorpions and glass
- ladies midget cage fights
- and the ever popular ... whip the clown

am I missing something?

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Anonim tha...

you are missing:

Kick the old man in the can

Hide and go get bent, or Hide and Freak (PG county variation)

hops and scotch

Bend over, bend over, send little davey over

snot in a cup relay