e hënë, 7 prill 2008

one milkshake please!

Most relaxing weekend filled with anti-stressors, putzing, and the occasional cocktail. Finally dragged my ass over to le theater to see "there will be blood". In case you're wondering ... there was some blood. This film is so gripping and had my neurons doing backflips the whole time. So beautiful and crushing at the same time, but what caught me most was the score by Jonny Greenwood.

He gets my vote for god composition of the year at this point. Heard a lot of Reich in there. Discordant string arrangements and really minimalist stretches set up the stark landscape in the most appropriate way. Apparently he uses his Ondes Martenot on many of the sections. >> Insert analog boner here. << Sometimes it's downright uncomfortable and found myself with chicken skin quite a bit. This is very tight and desolate writing. And not that he doesn't deserve the street cred from his little band called radiohead, but a first time hook doing a score for Paul Thomas Anderson is kinda like telling your playground friends you just got to second base with the class bombshell.

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