e hënë, 14 prill 2008

open letter to Karen

Dear Carpenters,

I never new you had it in you. "Calling occupants of inner-dysentery crap" is by far your finest work. I knew Jeff Lynn was sleeping on your couch during this period but I didn't realize he'd have this kind of effect!

... and boy doesn't Thurston make you want to hold a microphone with 2 fingers. I love this version.

2 komente:

Clark tha...

thanks for the props, brother testface. the film was great last night, and yes, please jump the pond and pay a visit. my program is a studio program, so there is mos def some room for travel, and visits from friends as i will not be attending any classes...


Snap Crackle Pop! tha...


And well, actually the song was written by Canadian pop band Klaatu. You'd like them. I'm sure of it.


p.s. A mighty, mighty fine time was had last eve at Sam Bonds with Testface rocking fine. I really loved the show.