e enjte, 19 korrik 2007

burn out

Oft the question is proposed to me weather or not I "like" the town I live in. Depending on the askee, the questions is usually either A) an honest question or B) loaded, because they know that eugene gets a rap for being silly ole' hippytown and "wouldn't I rather be living in Portland".
And so I go back and forth on it all the time. I have a great house in a nice hood and for the most part I like my work. And so goes the enigma, can I be happy living amongst the numb, eternal buzz, cars held together with whiny bumper stickers, Herb-ivores endlessly exclaiming that it is in fact "all good". Most of the time my answer is yes, because my micro-cosmos can involve whatever I want it to involve. I don't have to read the Eugene WEAKly if I don't want to and I'm pretty tight with my friend base. This morning that yes answer turned into a "I have no idea". I think a part of me snapped when I went to my PO box to get my weekly ration of amazing credit card offers. This guy is standing in front of the post office like I always see him once a week or so ... singing off off key versions of uncle johns band and tangled up in blue. I'm sorry but FUCKING COME ON MAN!!!!

spoiler: agro venting to follow.

Play something original for almighty christ sake. Are you working toward some BIGGER gig down the road??? This is not the honey serenade I need in the morning. How much of that tip hat is filled with harmful threats written on scraps of junk mail as people leave the building. Please people, don't get me wrong. I don't hate the dead or Bobby. Its just that the little light inside me gets snuffed out like a wet fart when this is the only thing I see permeating the town. maybe I don't get out enough. Maybe instead of tipping him I should wince at him in the costume of a smile and toss a minutemen cassette in his hat. Maybe I should just torn around and make myself a nice stein of camomile. Like I said something in me snapped and in that purple haze I asked myself a million questions including "How can I be a part changing the flair of hippytown" and "Do I even want to".

OK i'm better now.