e enjte, 19 korrik 2007

The Workin' Man's Diner

OK .. so MC Homemade and I have been working over the years on an oral version of our restaurant idea. Here are the results of said conversations. Warning ... you will either love or hate this. There's no middle ground, unless you just don't get it. In that case .. we still appologize.
with that ... here goes:

Working Man's Diner


Closer to alacarte:
Permanent Huevos Rancharos
fries by night
Farewell to Rings
Red Bruschetta
rivendill pickle
Foot long Sub-divisions
overture on rye

Entrée nous:
working man-a-cotti
Passage to Bangers and Mash
Lentils of Syrinx
The Trees (broccoli)
Free Will (make your own pizza)
New World Spam
Dumplings for Nothing
Beneath Between Behind Beefstew

From the Madrigrill:
Sea Bass-tille Day
tom soyburger

Finding My Curds and Whey
Cinderella Flan
Chocolate Xana-fon-du
The Necco-mancer
Twilight Cone
Vanilla strangiato

The Analog Kids Menu:
Lakeside Spark-ling lemonade
Bytor and the Snow-cone

Spirits on the patio:
Jacob's Bladder (some crazy ass drink)
Jose Cuervo 2112

4 komente:

bert.taylor tha...

You forgot Permanent Huevos : )

jen tha...

Did you know that you yoinked this from me? Or do we just inhabit the same weird plane where this idea would spontaneously occur to two people? I totally had this conversation with the owner of Lucky Noodle - huge Rush fan. We discussed opening a restaurant called, of course, The Bangkok Express. I even came up with Red Bruchetta. Wow.

jen tha...

Oh yeah - Tom Soyburger's genius.

snider tha...

Ken from work suggested to me today
"Cygnus x - won ton's"