e martë, 24 korrik 2007

Concept Album

Fantasy Concept Album # 387

Psychedelic Idiom Odyssey (in quad sound)

side 1:
A Bird In a Dozen Buckets is worth a Piece Of Cake
A Fool And His Money Make The Heart Grow Fonder
A Slap On The Wrist Speaks Louder Than Words
All That Glitters Is Not a Dead Horse

side 2:
All Bark And No Bush
Don't count your Sleeping Dogs until they're in the Frying Pan
Blood Is Thicker Than Wolves
Burning The Tongue At Both Ends

side 3:
Spilt Milk In Sheep's Clothing Has A Silver Lining
Bygones Make Waste
You Can't Judge A Pig by its Salty Old Wound
When It Rains, It tastes like medicine

side 4:
Over My Dead Foot in my Mouth
Great Minds Who Live In Glass Houses Should Raise Cain
Idle Hands Are The Devil's Heels

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