e mërkurë, 18 korrik 2007


Things have been incredibly up and down with me. More sideways and contorted i'd say. I went to Santa Cruz a few weeks back. Had an absolute blast with my friend Amy and got a prize winning sunburn which I am still molting from to the disgust of those around me. It felt so good to swim in the ocean till my bones couldn't carry me anymore. Spent some time walking around SF which was much needed. Got to got to Dave Eggars place on Valencia when he has writers workshop in back with a pirate supply store up front. Also went to Aquarius records in a sort of pilgrimage. I had never been before and i knew it was an important mainstay in an acquaintanceacquaintance of mines life. He bought most of his music there and they are probably one of the best record stores on the planet. He is missed. Aquarius is just a tiny hole in the wall. They put Amoeba to shame in style.
I've been dealt heavy cards back home and am anxiously awaiting another getaway. My aunt has taken a turn for the worse and has developed some kind of rare auto-immune disease that has effected her kidneys and lungs. She has lost her energy and will and this in turn has greatly effected my mom. There never seems to be a shortage of fires for me to put out. I had dinner with mom last night (standing rib roast, yorkshire pudding, and greens from my garden) where we talked everything out. the two of us will fly back east probably next week.

In other news I just got back from the woods with the birdies and trees. Found a hidden lake that was like bath water and went swimming in an icy river with mossy rocks.
Did the stint in the studio with my friend Patrick last week and i have been listening to the shit out of it. I have no idea how to describe this album yet, but i will soon. I'm still bobbing in its powerful wake.
I am gearing up for a major yard sale as i'm realizing i need to let go of some shit. I bought a new lawnmower (i'm turning into one of those men who looks for sales in the Sears flyer on sunday morning)
Still over worked with both jobs and I get to go to the vet and pick up my cat who just got the crap beaten outta her by one of the neighbors cats. Party!

off to the office.

-d to the s

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