e mërkurë, 18 korrik 2007

The people of the lamppost

Translated these from english - to german - to
russian - to portugese - to spanish - and back to
english. It sounds much more profound!

and no i don't have gobs of free time on my hands.


Only a small local girl, in the world alone life.
She gets on a train that there is a midnight place.
Only a boy of the city, born and raised in Détroit of
the south.
He gets on a train that there is a midnight place.

A singer in a quarter smokey.
A smell after perfume of wine and reasonably.
For a smile they can divide the night.
It goes lastingly and lastingly.

He waits for strangers abovementioned under the
His shades for it look they at night.
The people of the lamppost, only living to find
The receipt, in a place at night.

To work a lot to receive me to fill.
Everybody wants a feeling.
The payment of something to let roll the given ones,
Only once.
Some will win, some will lose.
Some were born to sing a dejection.
Ah, becomes the film
This goes incessantly and incessantly.

Do not stop to trust.
It had contributed to the sensation.
People of the lighting of the street.

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