e enjte, 18 shtator 2008

oh Lindsay

I have this strange (morbid?) fascination with that burnt out period of music in the 80's where the previous decade's Arena Rock had long eroded into horrible LA recording sessions with grand budgets from their previous record sales, fat lines on the mixing board and whole "debauched" albums of utter crap (save for maybe one single that charts because well frankly, everybody else was also coked outta their mind). Everyone was a victim (Lou, Mick, Neil, hell even Don fuckin' Henley) and I can't really think of anyone that truly escaped (mike .. don't say Al Stewart)
Yeah if you lived through the 80's as one of these bands you're doing some kinda comeback tour and probably laughing your ass off at the bile you puked up in the 80's. Here is one of those songs which I just fucking adore and will probably cover soon in a live situation...

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RWT tha...

Example: (also why Lennon rocks and McCartney sox) 1971 John gives us Imagine. 1983 Paul regurgitates Pipes of Peace. But I bought it! If I had only invested my 6 bucks in apple stock!

snider tha...

nobody gets out