e martë, 30 shtator 2008

silver MF jews

Last night at the wowhall. Silver jews tore it up. David Berman is the shit. He and his Jews rocked my world last night. He had a sort of cough medicine swagger all night as he shuffled around the stage. Got to hang with some of the band for a bit of road story mayhem. Here they are rockin "Smith & Jones forever"

Monotonix opened the show. Insane band from Israel. At one point the drummer was hoisted up in the crown with his drums so he could play 6' above. They looked like borat/Ron Jeremy clones.

2 komente:

Chad tha...

I couldn't belive that show man. it freakin BLEW ME AWAY. I knew it was going to be good but...damn.

MC Haggadah tha...

Big Deal. I know how to celebrate the high Jewish holiday.....as opposed to some others.