e mërkurë, 17 shtator 2008

quiz time

who can name all three of these flics?
• hint: it's not "Terms of Endearment".

5 komente:

RK tha...

Clash of the Titans
Troll (?)
Time Bandits

mc homemade tha...

1.The New Zoo Review
2.Richard Gear Officer and a Gentleman
3.Brady Bunch Grand Canyon episode

snider tha...

nice try MC, but RK almost has it. Troll is incorrect. nice job on time bandits and clash! guess again.

Jordan Glenn tha...

Easy, Labyrinth. I saw it a couple of nights ago. Sorry to be a johnny-come-lately.

snider tha...

jordi ... you and RK split the cake. good job kids.